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Bla Band Wilderness Stew with Rice

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Blå Band are the Scandinavian market leaders for expedition meals. Originally developed though collaboration with the Swedish military; the meals are now a must have for every outdoor enthusiast.. Freeze Dried Expedition Main Meal, the Wilderness Stew with Rice has lots of rice and vegetables with beef, reindeer venison and mushrooms.  “Cook in the pouch” GLUTEN FREE.

  • Expedition meals are complete freeze-dried meals intended for outdoor use, originally by the military.
    The meals are easy to prepare by simply tearing the top off the pouch, adding boiling water, closing the pouch and eating directly out of it.
    In order to make the product truly convenient, the pack is wide and shallow to ease eating directly out of it and the special labels provide extra insulation.
    They taste great and could not be easier to prepare. All you have to do is simply fill the packet up to the indicated level with hot or cold water.
    The packaging is made from Flextrus Transofoil®, which is both fully recyclable as a plastic and is designed in such a way to act as an excellent insulator, helping keep your meal hotter for longer.
    Blå Band’s meals cater for people with special dietary requirements where some of the meals are suitable for vegetarians, those with lactose intolerance and people who need their food to be gluten free. 
    Part of the Blå Band Expedition Meal series
    Wilderness Stew with Rice - GLUTEN FREE
    Ingredients :
    Rice [40 %], vegetable fat (palm fat, rapeseed oil), potato, glucose syrup, beef 7.0 %, green beans, modified potato starch, cream powder, mushrooms (champignon, Karl Johan),
    salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, onion, reindeer meat 0.7 %, flavouring, meat extract, parsley, spices, rosemary extract.
    Dry Weight : 144g
    Nutritional Values : per 500g serving
    Energy : 650 Kcal, 2723 kJ,
    Protein : 18g
    Carbohydrates : 83g
    of which sugars : 2.4g
    Fat : 26g
    of which saturated : 14g
    Fibre : 4.6g
    Salt : 5.7g
    Preparation :
    1 - Tear off the top and fold out the bottom
    2 - Add 350 ml of boiling water (level G)
    3 - Stir
    4 - Re-seal, wait 10 mins
    Add more water if required.
    Can be prepared using cold water, extend the time to > 30 mins
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    The product and packaging is appreciated by one of the Sweden's most accomplished adventurers, Ola Skinnarmo, who still holds the record for being the youngest ever to ski alone to the South Pole.
    Recent expeditions have included the North Pole, Svalbard and Mongolia. 
    Click here to see a video of him using Blå band Expedition meal (in Swedish with English subtitles).

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