DMM Pivot

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The DMM Pivot is versatile, high performance belay device which allows you to easily control lowering one or two seconds in guide mode.

  • The Pivot belay device delivers confident belaying and effective stopping power whether used in guide mode, or belaying from the waist.
    Guide plates have traditionally been difficult to operate when lowering seconds. The Pivot's shackle reduces the force needed to initiate lowering,
    increasing control of the speed at which you lower your second.
    Colour : Red
    Weight : 73g
    Rope Diameter : half / twin : 7.3mm-9.2mm,  single : 8.5mm-11mm
    Conformance : EN15151-2 : 2013
    Features : 
    Belay device gives controlled belaying, lowering and abseiling
    This device increases rope control when belaying, lowering a partner and abseiling. It is a fundamental part of a climbers rack.
    Pivot enables guide mode and gives easily controlled lowering of two seconds
    The pivoting shackle moves the point of leverage when initiating lowering of your second. This vastly reduces the force needed to initiate and control lowering of one or two seconds, making guide mode more user friendly.
    High performance internal geometry gives greater rope control
    Hot forging and CNC technology is used to shape the internal structure of the device to give greater control over a wide range of ropes. This is especially evident when using modern, small diameter ropes.
    Two friction modes for varying applications
    In its standard orientation, this device gives confident control over a wide variety of rope diameters. It can also be flipped 180° for smooth abseiling on thick or low stretch ropes.

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