Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Set 17/18

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The Rossignol Soul 7 HD skis are adept across the entire mountain, thriving in soft snow with their flotation friendly rocker profile and tapered tip and tail.

  • Rossignol Soul 7 HD & SPX12 Dual Bindings
    User- Intermediate / Advanced / Expert
    Designed For :  80% Off-Piste + Powder, 20% Piste
    Colour : Black / Red / Yellow
    Length : 180cm
    Sidecut : 136mm Tip, 106mm Waist, 126mm Tail
    Radius : 17m
    Carbon Alloy Matrix 
    This latest fiber is ushering in a new era of high-efficiency materials. Combining an extremely lightweight design with high mechanical
    properties, the Carbon Alloy Matrix raises the ski’s performance across the board, whether in terms of grip and versatility, precision and
    permissiveness, or stability and maneuverability.
    The Carbon Alloy Matrix is the result of a clever blend of Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber.
    Carbon provides boost, lightness and power transmission, while Basalt contributes its shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties.
    Diagonal Fibre
    A cross-hatched fibre construction that dramatically increases torsional rigidity maximising edge contact time, for sharper more precise turns
    Powder Turn Rocker
    Designed for the deep powder days, Rossignol's most progressive rocker/camber profile delivers an award-winning balance of confident
    versatility and effortless float.
    The blend of longer, lower tip rocker, tapered tail profile, and traditional camber underfoot allows easy steering, instant speed control and
    the power, energy, and grip to get you back to the lift.
    Air Tip 2.0
    Fully-integrated 3D construction is now lighter and stronger for more balanced performance from tip to tail.
    The visible internal reinforcement and fully-integrated design eliminates deflection and instability, delivering more concentrated power
    and energy throughout the ski.
    Reduced weight at the extremities keeps tips naturally afloat while ensuring ultra-light swing weight, effortless maneuverability, and
    enhanced ski control
    Minicap Sandwich
    A solid construction with a reinforced topsheet for extra durability, a sidewall gives grip and accuracy on hard snow
    Free VAS (Vibration Abssorption System)
    Actively dampens the ski to reduce chatter on piste
    Diagonal Fibre
    A cross-hatched fibre construction that dramatically increases torsional rigidity maximising edge contact time, for sharper more precise turns
    Centered Sidecut
    A short sidecut directly underfoot combined with a uniquely tapered tip and tail.
    The deep radius underfoot provides edge grip and power where you need it while the short length of the sidecut allows easy steering and
    ABS Sidewalls
    Sintered HD Base
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    Look SPX 12 Dual Bindings 
    Deliver top performance along with light weight and great dependability,
    Full Action Toe, featuring 45mm of elastic travel and 180⁰ multi-directional release, the Full Action toe piece delivers best-in-class
    retention and release and increased coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission.
    180˚ Multi-Directional Release, a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective multi
    directional protection in the case of a fall.
    Dual Standard Concept, Look strategically reinforced the toe housing, increased the toe ramp, elongated the toe-wings, and created a
    toe that is compatible with ISO 5355 Alpine soles, WTR (Walk-to-Ride) rockered soles and GripWalk soles.
    Heel Piece : 
    Oversize Heel Pivot,the oversize heel pivot delivers increased coupling strength (boot-binding interface) for more efficient and powerful
    energy transmission to the edge of the ski.
    Elastic Travel, 27mm
    Additional Features : 
    Long Elasticity, longer elastic travel ensures more reliable retention to keep you in when you need it. Look bindings offer the most
    elastic travel (lateral and vertical) and the fastest re-centering prior to release, ensuring superior shock absorption to reduce unwanted

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