Light Up Your Autumn Nights with the Best Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Light Up Your Autumn Nights with the Best Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Light Up Your Autumn Nights with the Best Outdoor Lighting Equipment

As the days grow shorter and the nights become cooler, there's a certain magic in the air, heralding the arrival of Halloween and Bonfire Night. It's a time for spooky stories, roaring bonfires and enchanting outdoor gatherings. To make your celebrations even more special and safe, we've compiled a list of outdoor lighting equipment that will add a touch of brilliance to your festivities. Whether you're going trick-or-treating, hosting a bonfire party or simply enjoying a crisp autumn evening, these lighting tools are a must-have.


1. Nebo Lil Larry 250 Lumens LED Pocket Work Light (in black, red, and silver): This compact and powerful torch is perfect for illuminating your path or creating an eerie atmosphere with its beam.

2. iProtec Pro 800 Light Torch: With 800 lumens of brightness, this torch is ideal for those looking for a dependable source of light during outdoor events.

3. Nebo Newton 1000 Lumens AA Handheld Torch: When you need a reliable handheld torch for extended use, the Nebo Newton shines bright with 1000 lumens.

4. Nebo Torchy 2k Rechargeable 2000 Lumens EDC Pocket Torch: This rechargeable pocket torch packs an astonishing 2000 lumens of brightness and is perfect for quick illumination needs.

5. Stubai Tactical LED Torch 800 Lumens Rechargeable Power Bank: A tactical torch with 800 lumens of power and the added benefit of a power bank for your devices.


1. Petzl Tikkina Hybrid Headlamp 150 Lumens: Lightweight and versatile, this headlamp is great for kids and adults alike.

2. Knog Bandicoot USB Rechargeable & Programmable Headlamp 250 Lumens (Olive, Black): A versatile headlamp with USB rechargeability and programmable settings.

3. Petzl Tikka Hybrid Headlamp: A reliable headlamp with various lighting modes to suit your needs.

4. Petzl Iko 350 Lumens Headlamp: Sleek and powerful, the Iko headlamp is perfect for outdoor adventures.

5. Knog Quokka USB Rechargeable Headlamp (Green, Grey & Black): A smaller, yet capable headlamp for your lighting needs. Or get the Knog Quokka Run USB Rechargeable Headlamp 100 Lumens (Coral & Cyan Blue) for your nightime runs!

6. Petzl Tikka Core Rechargeable Headlamp 450 Lumens (Grey, Green, Blue & Yellow): A high-performance headlamp with a rechargeable core.

7. Petzl Tikkina Hybrid Headlamp: A user-friendly headlamp suitable for a variety of activities.


1. UCO Survival Stormproof Match Kit: Be prepared for any weather with this stormproof match kit.

2. Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel Scout 2in1 (Rocky Red): A reliable and long-lasting fire starter.

3. MSR Piezo Igniter: Make igniting your stove or fire a breeze with this compact igniter.

4. Soto Pocket Blow Torch XT (Extended): For those who want to add a little flair to their outdoor cooking or fire starting.

5. Soto Pocket Blow Torch w/ Refillable Lighter: A versatile tool for both cooking and fire starting.

6. Soto Micro Blow Torch (Horizontal Orange, & Vertical Black): A compact and stylish tool for precision fire lighting.

7. MSR Pocket Rocket 2: An efficient and portable stove for all your outdoor cooking needs.

8. UCO Titan Fire Striker: A robust fire striker that will last you many seasons of outdoor adventures.

9. UCO Survival Fire Striker w/ Multi-Tool (Black, Red): A multi-tool that includes a reliable fire striker for your convenience.

10. SOL Mag Striker w/ Tinder Cord Lanyard: A handy combination of a fire starter and tinder cord.

11. Bushmen Survival Bracelet 3 Metres w/ Firestarter & Whistle (Olive Green, Black): A survival bracelet with built-in firestarter and whistle.

12. Kupilka Firesteel 8 (Blueberry, Black, Conifer Green, Original Brown): A stylish and functional firesteel for igniting fires.

Candles & Lanterns:

1. Vango Star 85 4x AA Battery Lantern: Illuminate your surroundings with this convenient battery-powered lantern..

2. Vango Nova 200 Recharge Lantern: Enjoy the warm glow of this rechargeable lantern on your outdoor adventures.

3. UCO 9 Hour Candle Lantern Anodized: A classic candle lantern that provides up to 9 hours of soothing light.

4. Petzl Noctilight - Protective Case / Lantern Mode: A protective case that transforms your headlamp into a lantern.

5. UCO Citronella Tealight Candles 6 Pack: Keep bugs at bay and add some ambiance with these citronella tealight candles.

6. UCO Mini Candle Lantern Kit 2.0 (Red, Green): A compact and versatile candle lantern kit.

7. Vango Lunar 250 Recharge USB Lantern: A USB rechargeable lantern with versatile lighting modes.

8. UCO 4 Hour Mini Candle Lantern: A smaller candle lantern with a 4-hour burn time.

As Autumn starts to come to an end and we welcome in the Winter, let the light guide your way and create a memorable atmosphere for all your outdoor festivities. With the right lighting equipment, you can ensure that your celebrations are safe, enchanting, and truly magical. Every product in this blog is linked to where you can purchase! Or, alternatively, pop into our shop in Elland to purchase direct from the BAC home! Happy Halloween and Bonfire Night!