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Thermowave Merino ONE50 LS Crew Neck Mens

£55.00 £

Thermowave are a family-owned company, passionate about their business. Produced in Lithuania since 1928,  this superb thermal-gear brand is new to the UK,. With a stellar reputation gained throughout eastern Europe and beyond, Thermowave has long been the first-choice of adventurers ranging from deep-sea divers to Russian cosmonauts.  

  • Ideal for active users- walking, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, cycling, running etc, by maintaining a comortable body temperature
    Due to its sleek design and lightweight breathable merino wool fabric, Merino ONE50 garments ensure everyday comfort in any situation.
    Due to its antibacterial and odor resistant properties, avoid the constant laundry with Thermowave Merino wool.
    Thermowave Merino wool does not need to be washed as often as other fabric and is machine wash friendly without the chance shrinking
    Colour : Urban
    Fabric : Merino wool
    Comfortable fit, when you're comfortable, your body performs better.
    Set in Sleeves and offset shoulder seams help to prevent chafing
    Body temperature regulation,  Thermowave base layer is like a personal 'air-conditioning' system for your body.
    Stay cool when the weather is hot, and warm when it‘s cold outside.
    Breathability and water repellency, unlike any other fiber, base layer made from merino wool will keep you warm, without feeling damp or sweaty, even when it’s wet.
    Thermowave merino wool can absorb an amazing 35% of its weight in water without giving the feeling of dampness and quickly releases it whilst maintaining it's warmth
    It absorbs moisture both between the fibers and inside of them, providing the dry feeling.
    Makes it the most breathable fabric. so your base layer will stay drier and more comfortable whatever the environment.
    Natural antibacterial protection.  Merino Wool offers exceptional natural anti-bacterial properties, keeping all smells away!
    Super-fine, high quality, low micron Thermowave merino wool is an ultrasoft bacteria inhibitor, which minimizes allergies.
    Sun protection,  Thermowave Merino wool fabrics have a natural UPF of over 40.
    Environmentally friendly Thermowave Merino wool garments come from natural resources - water, fresh air, sun, and grass.
    It regrows annually and is up to 100% biodegradable, plus no chemicals required.
    Thermowave Body Size Guide : 
    Measure around the fullest part of your chest under your arms.
    Measure from the lowest part of the neck, over the tip of the shoulder and down the outside of the arm, past the elbow and the wrist.
    Keep the arm slightly bent.
    Size S M L XL XXL
    Chest in 36 39 42 44 47
    Arm Length in 30 31 31,5 32 33
    Chest cm 92 100 106 111 119
    Arm Length cm 76 78 80 81 84
    At Thermowave, they have their own knitting, dyeing, sewing and packing facilities, enabling them to oversee every aspect of the process
    Every Thermowave product is made with love, and whilst they use advanced technology to sew the products, each piece is hand finished with the touch of a seamstress.
    They proudly employ over 100 talented seamstresses, each one a caring, skilled professional with a great passion for clothing.
    This finishing touch provides a special something that no machine could ever replicate. In-house production enables Thermowave to have greater quality control.
    Skilled craftspeople perform more than 15 quality tests on the wool from thread to the finished garments.
    Supply Chain, they are passionate about sustaining ethical standards and have adopted a “zero-kilometre” policy which allows them to have full control of their supply chain processes.
    This policy ensures high quality control from the early stages of knitting through to the final shipment of orders to their customers as everything is done from the one location.
    Their Australian and New Zealand Growers
    "All of our wool comes from Australia and New Zealand, and, specifically, from the Merino Sheep that inhabit these beautiful lands.
    We are committed to non-invasive farming: knowing that Merino sheep are highly adaptable, we let them graze vast areas freely in their natural manner, with minimal human intervention.
    A typical Thermowave Merino station covers about 1 hectare and supports about 5000 to 15000 Merino sheep.
    Ensuring this much space creates a quiet, calm, and stress-free environment, in which sheep can feel happy and free.
    ‍This allows all of our farms to operate sustainably and free from scouring methods as well as to produce higher quality wool fibers."
    "To guarantee sustainable and responsible production, we build our manufacturing cycle on long-term contracts with experienced and trustworthy wool growers.
    Such established and time-tested partnerships make it easier our growers to plan for future fiber demand and offer certainty through stable income, helping them better manage their flocks. In turn, we get a stable source of quality wool at a set cost.
    Our growers manage their farms according to holistic and integrated environmental standards and international best practices.
    They not only set the global quality standards for processing wool but also continue to improve them through innovation in grazing, animal husbandry, shearing, and fostering natural livestock living conditions.
    Our business is built on the protection and promotion of the five fundamental freedoms of an animal :
    - Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigor
    - Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
    - Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
    - Freedom to express (most) normal behavior by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal's own kind
    - Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.
    Additionally, all of our growers are mandated to abide a strict requirement that all wool in our products must be non-mulesed.
    Farm Examples :
    "Haddon Rig, one of our larger farms, is a mixed-farming property covering 60 000 acres of fertile land near the town of Warren, in the heart of Central West NSW, comprising Haddon Rig, Braemar, and Boomanulla.
    Privately owned by the Falkiner family: George B S Falkiner, his wife Sally, and their four daughters, Eleanor, Grace, Olivia, and Florence, who live on the property together with a small close-knit staff.
    ‍Employing talented and hard-working personnel, utilizing best practice management and state-of-the-art technology, Haddon Rig is a premier example of the "un-subsidized" modern Australian agriculture.
    Mount Hesse farm, known equally for its rich history and its future-oriented farming practices, is one of the largest producers of Merino wool in Australia.
    The original sheep introduced to the farm in the 1840s were small Saxon merinos with short wool and light fleeces.
    Today, the farm has 7000 merino ewes and merino rams to form a self-replacing flock and 3500 merino ewes.
    Mount Hesse is managed according to holistic and integrated environmental standards and international best practices.
    It continuously improves its operation through applied innovations in grazing, animal husbandry, shearing, and fostering natural livestock living conditions.
    Mount Hesse is situated on volcanic soils, which are naturally low in phosphorous, a necessary nutrient in productive pastures.
    To make the best use of the natural fertility without overdependence on the application of fertilizer, only deep-rooted perennial grasses are established in the new pasture.
    The deep root systems of these grasses extract nutrients unavailable to shallow-rooted annuals and therefore minimize the need for the application of the increasingly scarce and expensive phosphorous fertilizer.
    A diverse mix of pasture and feed species, with different growth cycles, is utilized to help manage seasonal feed fluctuations, including Lucerne and summer-active fescue grasses.
    Such diversity, coupled with rotational grazing means we can manage animal health and nutrition without over-grazing, thereby maximizing animal, pasture and soil health."

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