BAC Outdoor Leisure

Skis/Boards, like cars require servicing, edges can become dulled, bases can receive minor damage, which can make the ski slower, less easy to turn and lose grip on harder icier slopes. We have a fully equipped workshop with an R off B machine that can offer you anything from a simple Hot Wax, to a Full Service including base and edge repairs. This is carried out by our fully qualified staff.

We normally work on a weeks turnaround, except in the build up to the main holidays when it can be up to 14 days. It is best to book your skis/boards in early, giving a clear date that you wish to collect.

Our Services are as follows:

Hot Wax £10.00

Wax and Edge £15.00

Service ( Base grind, wax and edge ) £20.00

Full Service ( as above but includes PTex base repairs £25.00

Hot Wax £15.00

Edge and Wax £20.00

Service £30.00

Full Service £35.00

On skis purchased from BAC there is no charge for mounting or adjustment, for the life of the ski.

On bindings not purchased form BAC the charges are :

Binding Check/Adjust £5.00

Binding Reset £15.00

Rail Mounted Binding £30.00

Drilled Mounting £40.00

There is no charge for any adjustments to boots that have been purchased from BAC for the life of the boot. For any of the below services, it is always advisable to ring the shop for an appointment.

Heated Boot moulding £25.00

Heated liner adjustment £10.00

Boot stretching, per stretch £10.00

Boot/foot problems £25.00 per session