Step Into National Walking Month: BAC’s Essential Walking Gear Guide

May is National Walking Month, a celebration designed to encourage people from all walks of life to increase their physical activity by incorporating more walking into their daily routines. Walking is an exercise accessible to nearly everyone, providing substantial health benefits with minimal risk. From taking extra steps to the office by parking further away to engaging in long scenic treks, every step counts towards improving your physical and mental well-being.

Why Walk?

Walking, as research continuously shows, can drastically improve your health. It's a low-impact activity that reduces stress, enhances heart health, and boosts overall energy levels. It’s also a great opportunity to reconnect with nature and escape from the daily grind. Whether it’s walking to work or setting out on weekend hiking adventures, the act of walking is a simple yet powerful way to enhance your lifestyle.

Essential Gear for Walking

To get the most out of walking, whether you’re an urban explorer or a trail enthusiast, having the right gear is essential. Here are some of our top picks at BAC Outdoor Leisure to consider:

Perfect for tackling uneven terrains and reducing the load on your knees and legs. We have many walking poles available on our website and in store! The Vango Pico Single Walking Pole is lightweight and sturdy, making it an excellent companion for both rugged hikes and leisurely walks.

We have lots of walking guides available to buy! One of our favourites is the Yorkshire Dales: 40 Favourite Walks. Discover some of the best walking routes in the Yorkshire Dales with this detailed guide. Each walk is rated by difficulty, scenery, and points of interest, helping you choose the perfect path.

A detailed map is indispensable for route planning and staying on track. Going on a hike with a physical map is so much more rewarding than relying on your mobile phone! The Around & About maps offer clear, detailed routes around some picturesque landmarks, perfect for a day hike.

Staying hydrated is key on any walk. We have so many water bottles available, perfect for everyone! For example, the Nalgene 1L Narrow Mouth bottle is accessible, lightweight, and can carry enough water for long excursions without adding much weight to your pack.

A good pair of shoes is probably the most crucial piece of walking equipment. We have lots of walking shoes for both men and women! One of our top picks is the Scarpa Terra GTX as it offers robust support, durable construction and waterproof protection, ideal for various walking conditions.

For warmer days or lighter walks, a reliable pair of walking sandals is a great alternative. One pair we recommend are the Sprayway Bryher Leather Walking Sandals! These sandals offer comfort without compromising on foot support.

A comfortable backpack can make carrying essentials easier. The Low Alpine AirZone Active 22 is designed for active use, with features that promote airflow and reduce back strain. We also have many more backpacks available on our website or instore for women, men and children!

For cooler weather, protecting your hands is as important as protecting your feet. Trekmates Rigg Windstopper Gloves provide warmth without sacrificing mobility or grip.

For longer walks, having a ready meal can be a blessing. Wayfayrer pre-cooked meals are easy to pack and simple to prepare, ensuring you have the energy to continue exploring.

Linked with the UK's Living Streets initiative, these themed weeks within National Walking Month aim to encourage more sustainable and healthy commuting options. By choosing to walk during these weeks, you contribute to reducing traffic congestion and pollution while improving your health.

National Walking Month isn't just about challenging yourself to walk further or more frequently; it's about rediscovering the joys of walking. With the right gear and a positive mindset, you can turn a simple walk into an adventure that benefits both body and soul. So, lace up your shoes, grab your gear, and step out the door — endless paths and trails await you this May!

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